chris martini. forward 2006-2007, 2008-2010, allan cup winner 2009

travis stephenson. forward, captain 1999-2008

nathan deck. defenceman 2015-2016, 2017-present, allan cup winner 2016

“Being a part of the generals was the first time in my hockey career I felt to be a part of more than just a team, but a family. When going back to the rink is what you look forward to the second after you drag yourself away from the late night gatherings, whether it be a practice or celebrating a win. The opportunity to play hockey at a high level and chase the dream of a national championship while being able to work full time is a special balance and is something to be cherished. Life long friends, mentors and memories.”

adam huxley. forward 2014-present, allan cup winner 2016

"My time with Bentley/Lacombe changed my life! The organization gave me an opportunity in 2012-13 as there assistant coach which ultimately led to a championship. The next 3 years I would spend as the head coach, earning a National Championship the 2015-16 season. Those four years and two Championships gave me the opportunity to advance my coaching career, thus receiving a position as an assistant coach in the ECHL with the Colorado Eagles. I have the utmost respect for the professionalism of the organization and the people that run it. The Generals commitment to its players and standard of excellence is reciprocated with its many successes. Jeff Mcinnis and Wes Gyori are pillars of a team that has had unparalleled success at the senior level, their leadership has paved the way to what I, and many consider a dynasty. There are countless people to thank within the Generals family and I would feel remiss without taking time to mention some of them. Andy Nowicki, Tre Dube, Boyd Williams are selfless men who I would stand beside any day. Red Metro, Bill Fleming, Brett and Jeff Northcott - your dedication and hours put forth can never be measured, you are invaluable pieces of the family. I am forever grateful for what the Generals did for myself and my family! THANK YOU for all the memories and friendships… I will cherish them forever!

"The best thing about the Generals is how they treat people, it's like a family. They do everything they can to help you have success, both on and off the ice, and you stay in the family after you're done playing. I was lucky to be around such a great group."

ryan tobler. forward 2011-2012, head coach 2012-2016

“Having the opportunity to play for the Generals organization was one of the most important privileges in my life. I was able to keep playing hockey at a very competitive level, but most importantly the Generals helped provide me with the opportunity to start a career in the Oil and Gas Industry. I’m proud to have worn the Generals jersey for three seasons, and being a part of the Allan Cup winning team in 2009 is one of my most memorable hockey experiences.”

jeremy colliton. forward 2012-2013, allan cup winner 2013

“We all play sport for a reason, most of which is to win. Although, as many great athletes have quoted, its often the journey to the victory that is most rewarding and not the victory itself. The successes and failures of the Bentley Generals is truly what this journey is about. This idea of a hockey team some years ago that morphed into 3 time national champions, which through the dedication of an army of people made us cheer, made us laugh and made us cry. A team that has put a small town on a national stage, which brought players, fans and a community together, in turn, forming friendships that will last a life time. Hockey players play to win, but the journey is what we truly remember. Thank you for these memories and best of luck as you move to a new sheet of ice.”

thomas heemskerk. goalie 2015-2016, allan cup winner 2016

“When I was done professional hockey I still longed to fill the competitive void in my life. The Generals and ginner helped me fill that void.  I have a had a lot of fun as a general so far, and they helped me be a part of a championship, which is priceless.”

"Being away from the game for a year and a half was tough. You are away from everything that you grew up doing and loving. The Generals gave me that again. Being a part of such a great organization was amazing, you are an amateur but treated like a pro. My time was short as a General as I now return to playing pro hockey in Europe but playing for and winning the Allan Cup was an experience I will never forget. There is a lot of winning history in the Generals organization and I am very fortunate and proud to be part of the tradition. Thank you for the opportunity to resume my hockey career and all the best in the future."

randal gelech. forward 2012-2014, allan cup winner 2013

“Like most guys, I lacked direction when I was done playing. I joined the Generals (for 2 seasons) in hopes of finding a career while playing some good hockey. What I found were some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting... On the ice, around the team, and in the community. This is truly a family of quality people that want the best for you and yours. Head on down for a game/practice/chat and have a few beers and see exactly what I'm talking about.”